The Minecraft 1.9 Wild Update, has been released and is now available for download on all platforms worldwide. The announcement for its release was made by the official Twitter handle of the game, along with the trailer. With this update, players from around the globe will be able to use new features simply by downloading and installing the update. 

#TheWildUpdate is out now!

Whether you want to explore the depths of the Deep Dark, build your forever mud-brick home, or battle pillagers to rescue an imprisoned allay, it’s time to craft your path! #Minecraft

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— Minecraft (@Minecraft) June 7, 2022

The Minecraft 1.9 Wild Update comes fully loaded with changes and features that the players have been waiting for. One such addition is, four new mobs- Warden, frogs, tadpoles, and Allay. Along with two new biomes- Deep Dark, and Mangrove Swamps. The purpose of these biomes will be to generate a new array of mud, sculk, and Mangrove Blocks. 

With the update, many new advancements, enchantments, status effects and new items have been released. 

How to download Minecraft 1.9 Wild Update on your devices:

The update is now available for download on both Bedrock and Java editions (all the devices which support these as well)

The latest update of the sandbox game can be easily downloaded by the players simply by updating the already installed game, through a dedicated store application or through the official game launcher of the Java edition. 

Players can follow the steps given below to download the update on their respective platforms:


On PlayStation, if the player has set the update to automatic, the console will download the update on its own when connected with the internet. 

However, if you are unable to find the update and new features, then you can go to the games, and click the option , “Check for Updates”, the console will look for new updates and will download the latest update. 


Updating the Sandbox game on Xbox is pretty simple. You can go to, “My Apps and Games”, then click Minecraft, and click the “More options” button. 

A drop down list will open, and in that select, “Manage game and add-ons” and then “Updates” . The new Minecraft update should be available there. 


Players can easily look for updates if they already own the game on Google play store for Android and Apple Store for IOS, as the update option will automatically appear and they will be able to download the Minecraft 2.9 Wild Update. And if they don’t have the game, then they can search for “Minecraft” and download it. 

PC (Bedrock Edition):

If the Microsoft Store is set to automatically download updates, the Bedrock edition on PC will already be downloaded. If this is not the case, then players can go to the Store App and go to “Library”, there the players can get the desired update. 

Once the app is done searching for all the updates,players will be able to see the latest Minecraft 1.9 Wild Update as well. 

PC (Java Edition):

Players can open the official game launcher and select the option, “Latest Release”. From there , the players will be able to see the update version number “1.9”, indicating that the Minecrat new update is available. Players can press “play” and the launcher will download all the necessary files. 


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