After announcing Android 13 earlier this year, Google is just a few steps away from the final release of the latest version of its official system, as the Android 13 beta 3 was rolled out on Wednesday. This release comes a month after the last beta release and is the second last beta release before the final rollout.
With the 13th iteration of its Android mobile OS, Google has promised a host of new features and upgrades. With this version of the OS, the users can now use themed icons on their devices, and the OS is also slated to bring better support for multilingual users. These come along with other developments which would improve the overall experience of Android users, such as Bluetooth LE Audio and MIDI 2.0 over USB.

Android 13 – Closer than ever

This is the closest Android 13 has gotten to its final form before it is released to supported Pixel phones, followed by other Android devices. In their blog post, Google also seconded this and wrote about the transition into the final polishing phase. The statement read, “Today we’re releasing the third Beta of Android 13, taking us into the final phase of our cycle where we’re focusing on polish and performance. With Android 13, we’ve built on our core themes of privacy and security, developer productivity, and tablet and large screen support.”

Android developer 13

The next beta update, which will be the only stop between this version and the final release of Android 13, is set to come in July. Between beta 3 and beta 4, Google is expected to work on refining the operating system’s functionalities, weeding out any bugs that might trouble users. As per Google, the final version will be out in August. So, the clocking is ticking for Google’s development team. It will be interesting to see what Android 13 brings in its final form. For more tech news and Top 10 gadget updates, keep reading Digit.in.


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