Apex Legends Mobile’s newest Legend, Fade, will not be released on the PC version of the Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Mobile finally launched globally a few days ago after spending a good amount of time in a soft-launched state while in development. The mobile version of the game has been built from the ground up on a new engine and includes its own mobile-exclusive features and modes including what is reportedly an improved firing range and team deathmatch. However, the game’s launch trailer also snuck in the game’s first mobile Legend, Fade, who is going to be exclusive to the platform.

Apex Legends debuts Mobile-only character 

The game has been developed in collaboration with Tencent’s Lightspeed Studios, so we’re honestly not shocked about this mobile-only approach. However, Respawn themselves have been veering between “mobile-first” and mobile-exclusive”; there are currently no signs that the Legend will be making his way to PC. As per Dotesports, Fade was designed specifically for Apex Legends Mobile, and would involve significant work to jump to PC.

It’s pretty clear that Apex Legends Mobile has a different audience in mind, all things considered. Fade appears to be a lot more generic compared to other Legends in the roster, so much so that Polygon even confused Fade for Chaac, a character from Epic Games’ Rogue Company. Compared to Apex Legends’ previous Legend on PC, Newcastle (who got a whole season of build-up and two lore videos), Fade was kinda just thrown in there alongside the mobile launch.

Respawn still hasn’t officially confirmed whether or not Fade will be coming to PC, or about the future of mobile Legend exclusivity in general for that matter. Here’s hoping they don’t screw up a perfectly good roster with future additions.


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