Going forward if you try to subscribe to the Netflix app on iOS from within the app, you would be able to do it from the Netflix website. You don’t have to take the app subscription through Apple App Store. This is part of a broader policy change by Apple that lets you subscribe to app services from the respective developer’s site. In this case, it is Netflix, but you see, it won’t be limited to just that. In Apple’s lingo, this applies to all “reader” apps which means the apps that offer digital content like video, music, audio, book, newspaper, magazines, etc.

Here’s How The External Subscription Button Works For Netflix And Other Apps


So, while you hit the subscribe button on Netflix, you will get the following message as a pop-up:

“Any accounts or purchases made outside of this app will be managed by the developer “Netflix.” Your App Store account stored payment methods, and related features, such as subscription management and refund requests, will not be available. Apple is not responsible for the privacy or security of transactions made with this developer”.


Now if you are okay with the message, press Continue, and that directs you to the Netflix website. Therein you enter your personal details, select a payment method, and pick a Netflix plan. 

Now if you are wondering what’s the big deal about this Apple Policy Change, then know that this lets Netflix avoid paying the 30% (up to 1 year) or 15% (after 1 year) Apple Tax for each new subscription payment made within iOS apps. 

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