Following a ban of 5G-equipped iPhones and iPads in Colombia, Apple has fought back against Ericsson in its 5G patent infringement row by filing its first ever lawsuit over what it claims should be treated as essential ones to global standards.

49404 96550 48971 95765 46559 90752 000 lead 5G xl xlApple and Ericsson are in an ongoing courtroom battle over 5G patents, with Ericsson accusing Apple of infringing on its intellectual property. However, in an attempt to get the upper hand on Ericsson, Apple is now launching its first standard-essential patent lawsuit.Taking place in Munich, the filing has Apple asserting an SEP concerning 4G technology, against Ericsson’s 4G LTE-equipped hardware. While it is unclear if Apple will be seeking an injunction in this particular case, it does mark a major first for the company.

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