Battlegrounds Mobile India, aka BGMI is celebrating its anniversary with a special login event. It kicks off on July 4 and goes till July 14. From day 1 onwards, you can win exciting rewards. One such goody would be the permanent Circus M249 gun skin. You can win it for free. Let’s see what you got to do for that. 

BGMI Anniversary Special Login Event: Reward Details


Here’s the itinerary:

1. Day 1 login: You will see the BGMI anniversary-themed lobby. You can collect the reward for the day. 

2. Day 2 to Day 6 login: You get to collect a Golden Share pack each day. 

3. Day 7 login: Finally, on the 7th day, when you log in, you will be able to collect a permanent Circus M249 gun skin.

How To Get Circus M249 Gun Skin On BGMI


The Circus M249 skin gives the popular light machine gun a facelift. Here’s how to win that:

1. Open BGMI.

2. Go to the Anniversary Special Login event section.

3. After continuously logging in and winning the rewards for six days, on the seventh day, tap on the ‘collect’ option and grab a Circus M249 gun skin that will be in your armory forever for free.

“BGMI’s first year has been a resounding success with millions of players joining to experience the game. We have brought in major tournaments, Indian-themed collaborations, and celebrated India centric events with the community with a goal in curating a gameplay unique to our Indian users. India is an important market for KRAFTON. We are positive about the opportunities in the country and are committed to create a robust gaming ecosystem. Our focus is pivoted towards constantly elevating the mobile gaming experience for our growing community and invest in the flourishing start-up landscape here,” said Changhan Kim, CEO, KRAFTON, Inc. on this special occasion.

BGMI has garnered 100 million registered users so far. And in 2022, the company is planning 4 pro and semi-pro tournaments involving a prize pool of whopping ₹6 crores. It aims to propel esports and upskill the young gamers in the country.

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