Activision is bringing new operators to terminators opponents on Call Of Duty Vanguard And Warzone. Yes, right out of Terminator 2 Judgement Day, we have Terminator models T-800 and T-1000. But, it’s not just new playable characters but you also get to have fun with weapon blueprints, catchy quips, famous finishing moves, etc. Starting August 1 and all through August 31, 2022, you can grab the Tracer Pack: T-800 and Tracer Pack: T-1000.

Here are the full details from the official press release:

Tracer Pack: Terminator T-800 Mastercraft Ultra Operator Limited Time Bundle


“Hasta la vista, baby.” — T-800

Display Name: Model T-800

Activation Date: 2026

The T-800 is described by Skynet as the first cybernetic organism, perfectly able to blend in with humans utilizing living tissue over a hyper alloy skeleton. After a mid-life crisis, its passion became protecting John Connor, acting like a stepfather to him. Its focus is on terminating threats, and yet it has no preferred fighting style; it is comfortable with weapons, vehicles, and even hand-to-hand combat.

The Tracer Pack: T-800 Limited Time Bundle features the original Terminator from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Leading the ten-item Bundle is the Ultra “Model T-800” Operator, including 49 Quips, three of which are earned by leveling up the Operator. Also included is the unique “Terminated” Finishing Move, “Trust Me” Highlight Intro, and “He’ll Live” MVP Highlight, as well as multiple skins, including the terrifying exoskeleton.

The T-800 comes fully equipped, too. Get the Ultra-Rarity “Neural Net Processor” Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint, which features tracer rounds, and two Legendary Weapon Blueprints: the “Coltan Alloy” SMG and the “Motorhead” Shotgun. Attach the “Infrared Optics” Reticle and the “Always Scanning” Charm, and update your player profile with the Legendary “I’ll Be Back” Animated Emblem.

Tracer Pack: Terminator T-1000 Ultra Operator Limited Time Bundle


“I wouldn’t worry about him.” — T-1000

Display Name: Model T-1000

Activation Date: 2029

A product of Skynet, the T-1000 is an advanced AI model made from liquid metal. Its passion is infiltrating the human resistance, its focus is terminating their members, and it is relentless in both pursuits.

Get the Tracer Pack: T-1000 Limited Time Bundle to become the T-800’s nemesis, capable of transforming and mimicking its prey. The Ultra “Model T-1000” Operator includes 14 unique Quips, three earned through leveling the Operator, plus 60 Mimicry Quips disguised as other Operators. The T-1000 also features the “Blocker Remover” Finishing Move, the “My Turn” Highlight Intro, and the “I Wouldn’t Worry” MVP Highlight.

In addition, pick from three Legendary Weapon Blueprints: the “Liquid Metal” SMG, the “Persistent Mission” Assault Rifle, and the “Identity Theft” LMG. Rounding out the ten-item Bundle is the Legendary “Unstoppable” Animated Calling Card, the Animated “Full Chase” Emblem, and the “Alternative Future” Watch.

Those who purchase both Terminator Bundles will receive additional rewards: Equip the Legendary “Target Acquired” LMG Weapon Blueprint and the “Endoskeleton Skull” Charm.

Get Additional Terminator Rewards in Titanium Trials 

“The T-1000 has the same files that I do. It knows what I know. It might anticipate this move.” — T-800

From August 11 through August 24, compete in the Titanium Trials: Endurance Battle Royale game mode. Armor is everything in this limited-time mode, as players experience Warzone as a Terminator would. The cost of Loadouts at the Buy Station decreases with each circle collapse, too, so it’s never too late to stock up on gear when it’s most needed. 

Complete up to eight challenges to earn nine additional Terminator-inspired rewards like the “Titanium Chrome” Weapon Camo, the “I’ll Be Back” Calling Card, and more. Discover an additional seven hidden challenges rewarded just for playing the mode, and for the first time in Warzone history, winning multiple Titanium Trials matches will unlock rarer rewards showcasing your progression.

Deploy as the Model T-800 or T-1000 and further rewards may come, as well as enjoying a unique Infil cinematic leading into the match. 

Get the Gear IRL — New Terminator Merch in the Call of Duty Store

Sweats don’t feel pain, bots do. 

To celebrate this limited-time crossover between Warzone and the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the Call of Duty Store is dropping a limited-run line of “Buy Me Back” T-shirts.

An iteration of the original “Buy Me Back” design, this version of the crewneck T-shirt features the deadly Skynet-produced robots from the future. 

There will also be another limited-run shirt — “Sweats don’t feel pain, bots do” — that will be available in the Shop.

This drop will be in limited quantities, so don’t miss out on owning a piece of history.

Get the Bundles by August 31 Before They Return to the Future

With these cybernetic models on hand, there’s only one possible outcome for your enemies: terminated. Get one or both Terminator Bundles on the Shop before Skynet recalls their models on August 31 PDT.


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