Eve launches new HomeKit motion sensor with Thread, light triggers

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The new second-generation Eve Motion HomeKit sensor adds Thread support, an integrated light sensor, and costs less than the previous model. Six years after its original motion sensor was released with HomeKit support, Eve is launching an updated model to replace it. Alongside the regular motion detection of the previous model, this generation adds a […]

Daily deals July 21: $300 off MacBook Pro, 41% off LG 55-inch 4K OLED TV, more

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Thursday’s best deals include 40% off Golabs R500 portable power station, $500 off Panasonic Lumix S5 camera, Apple TV 4K for $130, and much more. Best deals July 21 On a daily basis, AppleInsider checks online stores to uncover discounts on products including Apple hardware, mobile devices, hardware upgrades, smart TVs, and accessories. The best […]

Good Mac security goes beyond antivirus

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For years, the Mac has been seen as a safer platform than competitors. But, there are still steps you can and should take to keep yourself safe. Mac antivirus So far in 2022, over 34 million samples of new malware have been discovered. But only 2,000 of those samples have targeted macOS, according to AtlasVPN. […]

Netflix now features an external subscription button on iOS

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A new subscribe button will direct users away from the Netflix app and onto its website to set up new subscriptions. Credit: David Balev/Unsplash In March, Apple informed developers that it would allow “reader” apps to offer a link to an external website so users can create and manage accounts outside of the App Store. […]

Apple renews sci-fi hit 'For All Mankind' for a fourth season

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The Apple TV+ alternative-reality space drama will return for a fourth season, with the storyline set to take place in the 2000s. On Friday, Apple announced that its hit sci-fi drama will begin filming its fourth season starting in August.The series tells the tale of the space race in an alternate reality that sees the […]

Hacker offers 5.4 million Twitter account details for $30,000

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A Twitter security vulnerability discovered in early 2022 has been used to cull the account details of 5.4 million users, and the hacker is offering the set for sale. Twitter A hack of 5.4 million users is small compared to the 478 million T-Mobile customers affected in August 2021. It’s even small compared to the […]

The best language learning apps for iPhone & Mac

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Wondering where to begin learning a new language can be challenging. A variety of language learning apps on iOS change that with new approaches and challenges to engage and attract new and existing users. While there are apps from the App Store to choose from, finding the best app could be a little challenging. While […]

How macOS Ventura's background removal compares to Photoshop & Pixelmator Pro

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Both macOS Ventura and iOS 16 introduce the ability to remove the background from photos, but both Adobe Photoshop and Pixelmator Pro have had a head start. Here’s how they compare. Nothing may ever beat an artist’s painstaking work in manually separating the foreground subject from the background in an image — but image editing […]

The best external SSDs to use with your Mac

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If your MacBook Pro‘s drive is running close to capacity, the answer is to add more storage with one of these external SSDs. Some of our favorite solid state drives for Mac and iPad Buyers of Macs and MacBooks from Apple often complain about the storage options available for their purchases. Starter MacBook Air and […]