Kuo doubts rumored TSMC iPhone 14 chip order reduction

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A prominent analyst covering Apple doubts claims made in a rumor that the company has cut down its iPhone 14 orders, insisting that such a major supply chain event is unlikely to occur as reported. On Friday, a report emerged about Apple chip partner TSMC, which has allegedly seen orders from three major clients reduced. […]

How to use iCloud Keychain, Apple's built-in and free password manager

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Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac all have a free password manager made by Apple called iCloud Keychain. Here’s how to use it, set up two-factor authentication, and never have to remember a password again. How to use iCloud Keychain Apple has stepped up its game in password management thanks to new features in iOS 15, […]

This is the best tool to safely clean your AirPods or AirPods Pro

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Earwax is nasty. Compound that with dirt and debris, and AirPods can get filthy in a hurry. This tool makes it easier than ever to clean your AirPods, AirPods Pro, or other in-ear earbuds safely. How to clean your AirPods Earbuds, especially Apple’s all-white AirPods, have a knack for getting dirty. Ear wax is constantly […]

Supply chain backs rumors Apple will make several OLED iPads

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Most previous rumors have centered on Apple making a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with an OLED display, but new evidence suggests that will just be the first of many. Eventually, Apple is going to put OLED displays in all iPads, because it provides brighter screens that last longer. The transition is not straightforward, though, with an […]

Apple gives in to South Korea, enables third-party payments for app developers

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Apps that are distributed “solely in South Korea” can now include their own in-app payment system, but Apple will block certain App Store features if they do — and will still take a 26% cut. Following South Korea’s introduction of new laws regarding app stores, Apple has now formally allowed developers to adopt their own […]

CarPlay's forthcoming fuel app will let drivers buy gas from the car

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Initially believed to be a guide for drivers to gas stations, future CarPlay apps will be able to pay for fuel right from the dash — and they may arrive as soon as the launch of iOS 16. Apple’s sneak peek at the future of CarPlay included the news that it was adding two new […]

Epic Games-led Coalition for App Fairness polls claim public want open App Store

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The Coalition for App Fairness with Epic Games at its head has commissioned a pair of polls showing that the majority of respondents want App Store competition and antitrust legislation. Coalition for App Fairness Founded in 2020 by Epic Games, Spotify, and others, the Coalition for App Fairness (CAF) is a lobbying group created specifically […]

Apple shows off durability of Apple Watch in new 'Hard Knocks' ad

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The Apple Watch Series 7‘s toughness is celebrated in a new Apple video showing the countless times it has to cope with “hard knocks.” Apple has debuted a new 98-second ad for Apple Watch on YouTube, showing it shoved, slammed, dunked in water, and dropped in a toilet. Read more… Source link

Apple TV+ 'Black Bird' cast and crew pay tribute to Ray Liotta

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Writer Dennis Lehane has revealed at an Apple TV+ premiere that the late Ray Liotta’s character the new thriller “Black Bird” was written especially for him. Ahead of its streaming from July 8, 2022, Apple TV+ has held a red carpet premiere event for “Black Bird.” The show’s cast and crew also paid tribute to […]