Diablo Immortal is going to bring the option fo class change for players who reach level 35. This means they can change their class once every 7 days. The forthcoming Diablo Immortal update also adds 2 new in-game events, a deadly new boss, and limited-time events. 

Diablo immortal Class Change



With a class change, you can start over while maintaining most of your previous progress. Start by visiting the Shifting Flames brazier in Westmarch to experience Sanctuary as a different class.

Here’s how the Class Change mechanism works

As already mentioned, Class Change will be available for you once you hit level 35.

Once you have that ability, you get to change your class once every seven days freely.

And if you want to switch back to a previous class, you also have a one-time option to do just that, without the seven-day waiting period. However, at present, you cannot frequently change classes.

The first time you change classes, you can change the appearance of your character, receive a full reset of your Paragon Trees, and get a placeholder gear. Note that the placeholder gear will have a rank as the gear you last equipped.

You will still have access to Clan, Warband and other social group affiliations will carry over. Meanwhile, any cosmetics owned for a class will remain on that class when you change back to it.

Find the rest of the features and details here.


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