Google has announced updates across ads and commerce at the India edition of the Google Marketing Live event. With the introduction of ads in YouTube shorts, Google believes that the increased video watch time and growth in online shopping can be the leeway for advertisers to connect their product feed to their campaign to make the video ads more shoppable on YouTube Shorts. 

Google said in a press release about the increase in consumption of Shorts, “Video action campaigns and App campaigns will automatically scale to YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts now averages over 30 billion daily views — four times as many as a year ago — and Google wants to help marketers reach people immersed in this short-form content,” 

Google has been experimenting with ads since 2021 and is finally rolling them out this year.  Shoppable video ads are already present on Tik Tok, one of the competitors to YouTube Shorts, where users can view the product without leaving the app. The introduction of ads will also be an important step in developing long-term YouTube Shorts monetization for creators. 

Google Updates

Updates to Performance Max Tool and more

Google also announced updates for Performance Max, which is a tool for meeting customers when they are on Google channels. With six new updates to be rolled out, Performance Max is undergoing some major changes. Google claims that advertisers who use performance max see a 13% increase in incremental revenue. It has also improved campaign management capabilities in Search Ads 360 and the Google Ads mobile app. 

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