Google has a history of being lousy at keeping secrets. Yet again it has proven indiscreet as the company’s upcoming smartwatch has apparently been “left and found at a restaurant in the U.S”. And so, whomsoever spotted it has managed to capture photos of it from various angles and shared it with Androidcentral. These newly leaked images of the so-called Pixel Watch align with its early leaked renders and rumors. So, let’s learn how the Google watch looks like and what we know of it from the leaks thus far.

Google Pixel Watch: Design, Specs and Features (Expected)

Google Pixel Watch G logo

Google’s smartwatch could be round, unlike Apple’s square or squircle. It appears to be minimal in its demeanor in the leaked shots. 

Google Pixel Watch bands

The watch could come out in other color choices too. Speaking of which, the accompanying pictures of the Pixel Watch band show its blue color and jelly-like build, similar to the Apple Watch strap. Like the watch case, the bands could also be optable in more colorways. However, what’s mildly disappointing is that the band seems not that easy to swap, as it has a unique design from the market standard.

Google Pixel Watch speaker

The watch has got metallic accents on the surrounding frame, the crown, and the base. As per the source, the bottom side “looks metallic but feels like it’s coated with glass.” It is described as “well-built and premium” but “glossy and glassy”. Along the metallic frame, there is a narrow slit which could be its speaker outlet.

Google Pixel Watch leak | Source: u/tagtech414 (Reddit)

Google Pixel Watch leak | Source: u/tagtech414 (Reddit)​

Now, soon after this leak, allegedly from the same source, a reddit post came answering some more questions about this Google smartwatch.

The redditor who goes by the handle u/tagtech414 says, “No charger was left, and the battery is dead.” We wonder if the Pixel Watch supports Qi Wireless charging. It would be great if it does.

Google Pixel Watch

Although the watch in the images is a black-colored one and the screen is mostly off, we can’t make out the bezels, the guy suggest it has “pretty substantial” borders.

Coming back to the band, he mentions of “a little lip under each button so the bands should catch and lock in”. And while you put it on, the base of the watch apparently doesn’t make that much contact with the skin.

Dimension-wise, the person claims it’s about the same size and thickness as his 46mm Galaxy Watch. He further adds that it’s about ½ inches thick and 1 ½ inches in diameter.

He also tells, the watch did boot up to the G logo screen only and didn’t move past that, perhaps because of a missing fully-loaded OS. By the way, Google could ship its first twatch with the Wear OS 3 software co-developed with Samsung. Even the underlying processor could be an Exynos and not Snapdragon Wear, as identified within a Google Update code by folks over at 9to5Google.

Google Pixel Watch render | Source: EVLeaks

Incidentally, in another leak by EVLeaks (via 91Mobiles), we get to see the Pixel Watch face renders with Fitbit, and a heart rate scanning icon. The watch carries a model name — “Rohan” 

Well, that’s about we could gather from the reddit thread and other leaks so far. We will be keeping an eye on the said reddit post as well as other Pixel Watch leaks and revelations in general. The first Google smartwatch is expected to come either at Google I/O 2022 in May or alongside the Pixel 7 series in the fall.

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