One year ago, Microsoft said it would put an end to Internet Explorer to push its users towards the Edge browser. As of 15 June 2022, Microsoft will no longer support the once popular and dominant browser which millions of people sought out and loved. After 27 years, Internet Explorer is no more. 

The death of Internet Explorer makes us wonder which popular apps and services have been discontinued. Google Answers, Yahoo Photos, AltaVista, and Windows Live Messenger are some of the apps that pop into our heads when thinking of them. Let us take a look at some of the popular apps that have followed the path of Internet Explorer. 



Google Talk was the company’s original messaging service for contacts between Gmail. Gtalk was replaced by other messaging services brought in by Google. Gtalk first launched in 2005, but Google later advised its users to migrate to Google Hangouts as their primary messaging service putting the app dead in the water. Although the app was still accessible via third-party apps like Pidgin and Gajim, Google finally put an end to Gtalk on 16 June 2022. 



Orkut was one of the first social networking apps launched. Coming out in 2004, it was an app where you could connect with friends, new and old, to maintain your relationships. Orkut was one of the most visited sites in India and Brazil in 2008. Google shifted Orkut’s main headquarters to Brazil. By 2014, the user count of Orkut had reduced drastically, forcing Google to shut down the social networking app after ten years. Users were able to download their profile archive by using Google Takeout. 

Yahoo Messenger


Yahoo messenger was just like any other messaging service to exist. You could send free texts to your friends over the internet on various platforms. Yahoo Messenger allowed users to communicate with GIFs and allowed you to send images to your friends as well, which was unheard of back in the day. First launched in 1998, Yahoo Messenger ran for 20 years as it shut down for good in 2018, as Yahoo stated that they are focusing on other messaging services that fit the current trend. 

Google Plus


Google Plus was the company’s fourth attempt at a social networking site. Launched in 2011, Google Plus focused on challenging other social media websites. Google Plus allowed you to link to other Google products like YouTube, Google Drive and Blogger. Google Plus redesigned its entire website in 2015 to allow a more modern and user-friendly experience. It didn’t pan out as expected as the service was shut down for good in 2019, with Google stating the lack of broad consumer or developer adoption along with limited user interaction as the reasons. 

Google Play Music


Google Play Music, or rather just Play Music, was first launched in 2011 as Google’s very own music and podcast streaming service. You could store up to 50,000 songs with a standard account and stream on-demand music with a premium account and also in the YouTube Music Premium catalogue. Play Music was shut down in 2020, as Google focused its primary music streaming services on YouTube Music. Google also allowed users to have a smooth transition from Play Music to YouTube Music in just a few steps. 

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