HTC has not been active in the smartphone market for some time now. Their last device was a mid-range phone in the Wildfire series. HTC announced at the turn of the year about a new 5G phone they have been working on, the HTC Viverse. No release date or specifications were revealed during the announcement, leaving fans wondering. HTC has finally announced that the phone will debut on 28 June. 

Log in to the Future
2022.06.28#HTC #VIVERSE #Seeyousoon#Createmymetaverselife pic.twitter.com/YwiE3B0r9U

— HTC (@htc) June 9, 2022

The teaser for the phone didn’t reveal much, except the cryptic poster shows us the phone will be Meta-centric. HTC has been taking Metaverse seriously, so we can expect the Viverse will be their way of showcasing the Metaverse to the public. The specifications for the phone are still a secret, as the only thing we know about the device now is it has 5G connectivity and will have something related to Metaverse.

HTC’s Metaverse Project 

HTC has taken its Metaverse project very seriously. Viverse is an open and secure platform by HTC specifically for its products. HTC already has VR headsets and smart glasses under the Vive branding. These devices are expected to work with Viverse. Viverse is also supposedly an integration of AI, AR, VR and Blockchain. They also consider 5G to be an integral part of the Viverse project. 

Similar to Microsoft, other brands are taking Metaverse seriously, like HTC which has its Metaverse platform in Viverse. With Meta being integrated into their smart glasses and VR, they have taken it a step further by introducing a Meta-supported smartphone. 


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