Any long-time Instagram user will know how different the app is now from its early years. Things started changing especially with Meta (formerly Facebook) acquiring the brand. Instagram first started incorporating features inspired by its competition. A prime example of this is Reels, a short ephemeral video mode that is clearly based on TikTok. Well, that’s not all. Now, the company is heavily leaning towards videos that the app which was once a photo-sharing app is now “more and more going to be video”. This is what the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri had to say on the growing backlash against the new Instagram.

Kardashians’ Post On Instagram


Kylie Jenner first posted a story that reads, “Make Instagram Instagram again. Stop trying to be TikTok I just want to see cute photos of my friends. Sincerely, everyone.” The same post was reshared by Kim Kardashian.

The post shared by Kim Kardashian wishing for OG Instagram has over 1.1 million likes and a petition related to this has around 100,000 signatures, the last we checked. 

Adam Mosseri’s Revealing Response 

Instagram Videos

“We’re experimenting with a number of different changes to the app, and so we’re hearing a lot of concerns from all of you. I want to be clear: We’re going to continue to support photos. It’s part of our heritage. That said, I need to be honest: I do believe that more and more of Instagram is going to become video over time. We see this even if we change nothing. We see this even if you just look at the chronological feed. If you look at what people share on Instagram, that’s shifting more to videos over time. If you look at what people like and consume and view on Instagram, that’s also shifting more and more to video over time, even when we stop charging anything.”

There’s a lot happening on Instagram right now.

I wanted to address a few things we’re working on to make Instagram a better experience.

Please let me know what you think

— Adam Mosseri (@mosseri) July 26, 2022

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