Instagram is very popular among people. It introduced the reels feature back in 2020, as a direct competition to TikTok. The social media platform already had a story-sharing feature with a 15-second limit. However, the reels feature is considered to be much better with its advanced editing tools and longer duration. Instagram quite recently also increased the duration to 90 seconds. 

Through Instagram Reels, one can make videos and add audio to it. You can choose from various soundtracks which are available in the music library of Instagram. There is another customization also available which you can use such as various AR masks, and different effects, and one can also use transitions and remixes to make reels more fun.

But despite doing all these things, if you are still struggling to get views follow the below-mentioned tricks and tips and you will gain engagement on your reels. 

How to increase views on Instagram reels

1. Use popular and engaging audio tracks-
Adding popular and trending music tracks can get more views on your reels. The tracks which are recently released, or are being heavily used on other reels can also be used for the same purpose. 

2. Creating engaging Content-
Reels should not be mainstream, create reels which are creative and bring a larger audience to watch your content. You can search about the trending topic and make reels accordingly, in this way you will gain more views on your reels. 

3. Use appropriate Hashtags-
Due to hashtags, the reach of your profile increases. Using appropriate hashtags on your reels to make them more discoverable on others’ Instagram feed will surely maximize your viewer base. 

4. Upload reels on a consistent basis-
Being a content creator you must have consistency in uploading your work online. Be it daily, or every alternate day uploading reels in such a manner will land you with more engagement on Instagram. Plus Instagram’s algorithm works in this way only, the more the consistency the more views! 

5. Write Engaging Captions-
Another way to get more views on Reels is by adding an appropriate caption. Writing engaging caption, keep it short and up to the point at the same time play with words, and keep it creative. 


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