Battlegrounds Mobile India isn’t the perfect game, but Krafton is doing its bit to fix any issues that it comes across. A recently released patch fixes three known issues with the game. This includes a glitch that increases player speed, an issue with sensitivity codes, and a problem specific to a weapon.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Patch notes

The first issue fixed by the patch is a speed glitch that players experience when leaving Nimbus Island. When leaving the location, players would see a slight increase in speed, which gave those players a slight advantage over others. Following this patch, the issue has been resolved and players will no longer get a boost of speed when leaving Nimbus Island. 

The other issue fixed by Krafton was another player’s Sensitivity Code not being applied. Sensitivity Codes allowed players to quickly use the same control sensitivity as other players. This allows players to use the same sensitivity as other players.

Finally, the patch also fixes a bug where players were unable to use the scope when using the Merry Tidings – UZI. As one might expect, this is quite the problem when playing a competition online. Thankfully, players with the Merry Tidings – UZI should no longer be facing such a problem.

Aside from these three, Krafton also addressed a problem wherein an unintended item was among the guaranteed rewards in the Premium Crate. The item will no longer be available in the crate. However, those who have acquired said item before this patch will have to hold on for a bit. Krafton notes that it will soon come out with a notice regarding this.


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