LG has brought its OLED TV offering to the Indian market. The roster includes the first Rollable OLED TV called the LG Signature R OLED and the world’s largest 97-inch OLED TV. Under the hood, the new LG TVs come with the proprietary Alpha processor, a new WebOS update, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and new picture modes for different use cases.

Before we get into all the goodies specific to a particular series of LG TVs, note that the company is bringing forth the new webOS 22 (with customizable user profiles, and WiFi-based Room To Room playback sharing). 

LG OLED TV 2022 (G2, C2, Z2) Features


On the LG Z2, LG G2, and LG C2, webOS 22 adds an Always Ready facility for showing personal or lifestyle content when the TV is off. With that, let’s begin looking at the two major classes of LG televisions this year.


LG Evo is part of the 2022 G2 series (LG OLED Evo Gallery Edition) and C2 series. For the uninitiated, the Evo tech claims better brightness, clarity, and detail.

A wide range of screen sizes

You can pick the new LG OLED TVs from 106 cm (42”) to 246 cm (97”). The G2 series, in particular, comes in 139 cm (55) and 164 cm (65) sizes. Thanks to the newer Gallery Design of the TVs, you can mount them flush on the wall. 

The LG C2, meanwhile, can be bought in 106 cm (42), 246cm (97), 210 cm (83), 195cm (77), 164 cm (65), 139 cm (55), 121 cm (48) and 106 cm (42) models.

LG α9 Gen 5 Processor

LG has equipped the new G2, C2, and Z2 series of TVs with its α9 Gen 5 “intelligent” processor. What this imparts is the new Dynamic Tone-mapping Pro Algorithm for individual processing and tuning of over 5,000 zones on the screen.

This is coupled with the AI Sound Pro feature to up-mix 2-channel audio to a virtual 7.1.2 surround sound. 

LG A2 and B2 OLED TV Features

This lineup comes out in two screen sizes of 164cm (65) and 139cm (55). 

There is also the LG A2 series hitting the stores in 164 cm (65), 139 cm (55), and 121 cm (48). 

Both LG A2 and B2 are armed with α7 Gen 5 processors with Dynamic Tone-mapping, the company’s self-lit technology, AI Sound Pro, and virtual 5.1.2 surround audio.

LG 2022 TVs: Price and Availability

LG Rollable TV in India

The LG OLED TV price range begins from ₹89,990 and the LG Rollable OLED TV costs ₹75,00,000 in India.

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