WhatsApp Groups are getting bigger but you can exit them if you want. You would notify only the group admins when you do so. Meanwhile, if you are a prevailing member, you will have the option to view past particpants of the group. All these while WhatsApp is reportedly increasing the group capacity to 512 members from the previous limit of 256 members. WABetaInfo, who spotted these features tells us Meta-owned platform is still developing them and it could take some time before they are available to the app’s beta users.

WhatsApp Group Changes

WhatsApp Exit Groups Silently

As you can see in the above image, when you choose to leave a group, only you and the group admins will know that you have left the group.

So, only the admins will receive the in-chat notification message that so-and-so has exited the group. 

WhatsApp Groups View Past Participants

Well, the regular group members can still know that you have left if they check out the new View Past Participants option below the current group member names in the group settings section.

Both these features are still under development. One other group feature in the works is the increase in the total number of WhatsApp group members to 512. So, if you like being part of bigger communities, you could have that too soon.

WhatsApp meme | Credits: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp meme | Credits: WABetaInfo​

We will let you know once these features are available for the public on Android, iOS, and Desktop/Web platforms.

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