New MIUI 14 features have been spotted in recently leaked screenshots from MyDrivers. The MIUI 14 build in question is apparently the development version 22.7.19 and it could be based on Android 13. The highlights include Bluetooth LE Audio, Multi-Stream for TWS earphones, Auracast broadcasting, and some new options in the Gallery app, among other changes and improvements. 

Here, have a look at the screengrabs and their feature explainer below them.

MIUI 14 Features: Leaks


Starting with the audio, you are likely to get the following features on MIUI 14:

Bluetooth LE Audio: Low power consumption in Bluetooth connectivity. 
A codec upgrade: Presumably for better and stable sound
Multi-Stream for TWS earphones: Audio will be streamed simultaneously to both earphone sides.
Auracast broadcasting: Tune in to the same audio source from multiple earphones.


Moving from audio to visual, the Gallery app seems to be getting a text recognition option to copy text from photos/documents, and an “On this day” feature, that would showcase nostalgia in the form of old photos clicked on the same day years ago.


Now the notifications for such things will be better-presented thanks to a revamped organization system, and system apps like the Clock will also get a slight facelift.


Also, the source of the leak tells us that Xiaomi will be jumping straight to MIUI 14 from 13 and will be skipping any intermediate version like 13.5.

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