Former Indian cricketer MS Dhoni has invested in Garuda Aerospace, a drone startup based in Chennai. He was also named the brand ambassador for the startup, consisting of 400 drones and 500 pilots. 

Dhoni has invested an undisclosed amount in Garuda Aerospace. Talking about his association with Garuda, “I’m happy to be a part of Garuda Aerospace and look forward to witnessing their growth story with the unique drone solutions they have to offer.”

Agnishwar Jayaprakash, CEO of Garuda Aerospace, talked about how it was a dream to see MS Dhoni invest and become a brand ambassador. “Mahi Bhai is the epitome of dedication and I firmly believe that having Captain Cool on our cap table adds tremendous value, which will motivate our team to perform better,” he added.

Earlier in May, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had inaugurated Garuda Aerospace virtually. Jayaprakash wrote an open letter stating that the progress made in the Indian drone field is all possible due to the government’s progressive policies, noting that his startup has 30 different types of drones and 45 services offered. 

India’s drone unicorn startup

Jayaprakash said that he expects Garuda Aerospace to become India’s first drone unicorn startup. Garuda has been a pioneer in India’s drone ecosystem with their agricultural, mapping, surveillance, UGV drones among others.

Garuda Aerospace is currently operating in 26 cities, serving over 750 clients. It has partnered with Swiggy, HAL, IIT Madras, MIT Boston, Intel and many more to keep innovating and setting new standards. Jayaprakash talked about potential revenues of over $400m in the next six quarters and how Garuda has set dominance in the market in the precision agri-tech sector with the help of the Kisan drone that has increased food crop production for more than 200 million farmers. 


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