Nvidia has announced a list of games that will soon receive RTX support, i.e., become RTX On.

Nvidia’s Computex presentation this year was mostly around AI and Cloud solutions, but fret not, there was a little something for gamers as well. A list of games that will soon go RTX On.

The first to join the club will be Hitman 3. Support for RTX has already been out for Hitman 3 for a few weeks, but we now know that it’s officially supported for both RTX and DLSS. This means that while high-end rigs can enjoy the wonders of ray-tracing, thanks to DLSS, rigs that were struggling to run the game before might have a better time now.

We thought Hitman 3 was a fantastic stealth game with a high replayability factor, add to that a planned roguelike mode and we can’t wait to jump back in, this time with glorious ray tracing. Check out our review for the game here.

The second title to go RTX On will be F1 2022, support for which won’t release till sometime next month. F1 2021 (which we thought was a solid entry point into the series, read the review here) already supports both DLSS and RTX, so F1 2022 getting the same treatment doesn’t really come as a surprise. DLSS support for the new F1 game is appreciated considering how beefy the requirements for the game are.

There were a few other notable mentions in the list, with no specific dates mentioned, however. This includes Deep Rock Galactic, a fantastic co-op game which already has an experimental RTX mode, but it’s pretty wonky. Check out our review for the game here. Official RTX support should hopefully take care of all the jank.

Other titles mentioned in the list include LEAP, Ghost, Loopmancer, Hydroneer, Propnight, Raji: An Ancient Epic, Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, Turbo Sloths, and Warstride Challenges.


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