OnePlus 10T is launching on August 3 in India and ahead of it, we are getting juicy details about the phone in the form of official teasers, leaks, and rumors. The latest report from The Verge is that the phone won’t come with the signature OnePlus Alert Slider and a Hasselblad-branded camera setup. The company has also confirmed some of the OnePlus 10T specs and details too. So, let’s have a look.


OnePlus 10T Specs and Features

OnePlus 10T

Some of the details about the phone are confirmed like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, a 6.7-inch flat display, matte black or glossy green back, a 50MP primary camera with 10-bit color shooting mode, “improved HDR photography” and night photography mode.

But as our headline reads, OnePlus has let go of the Hasselblad branding and the company’s excuse is that it “wanted to offer an ultimate performance flagship smartphone at the device’s chosen price point”.


Coming to the other staple OnePlus feature, i.e., the alert slider or mute switch. The company’s design chief, Hope Liu tells The Verge that it had to remove the mute switch to make space for “high wattage charging, a large battery capacity, and better antenna signal”.

Let’s see what the company adds and subtracts from the OnePlus 10 Pro when it launches the OnePlus 10T a few days from now. 

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