Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming apps in the world. With millions of songs across genres and languages and various podcasts, Spotify became a regular part of our daily routine. We have different songs for different moods or for various activities we do on a day-to-day routine. Since it can be hard to organise your playlist clutter, here are some tips and tricks. 

Organising Spotify playlists

One way to segregate your playlists is by creating different folders for different categories. This can be done by right-clicking on the playlist and creating a folder. We then add a name and separate it from the rest. This way we can segregate songs for different moods, activities and podcasts. 

Update Spotify playlists

For Spotify Premium users, an option called “Enhance” updates your playlists and adds songs based on your music preferences. Spotify noted, “this feature uses Spotify’s algorithm to automatically add recommended songs to your existing music style and theme.” The only issue with this feature is it is available only for Premium users. 

Navigating through playlists

An easy way to navigate through your playlists is to go to your library and at the search bar you can choose to navigate by selecting your choice between “Recently Played”, “Recently Added”, “Alphabetical” or “Creators” filters. If you do not want to navigate through this, you can just search for the song you are looking for from the search bar. 

Add images to playlists

On the Spotify app, you can click on the three dots and select “Edit” to add an image of your choice while desktop users can just click on the playlist to add an image. This way you can add a personal touch to your playlists. 


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