A parent has complained about Apple’s refusal to refund 23 successive in-app purchases made by his 10-year-old daughter, who was convinced to pay money to a TikTok creator.

48303 94302 39323 75237 child ipad pixabay xlApple has repeatedly been the target of criticism from parents after children made high-priced purchases on iPhones and iPads without parental permission. In the latest story, it seems that part of the criticism should have been applied to video sharing app TikTok.In a letter to the U.K.’s Telegraph, a reader identified as “AH” says they had given their 10-year-old daughter with autism and “learning difficulties” an iPhone as a Christmas present. Four days later, the child then made a considerable number of in-app purchases, buying 2,012 pounds ($2,486) in coins for TikTok.

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