The Galaxy S23, Samsung’s upcoming flagship, is said to have one of the biggest resolution cameras ever seen on a smartphone. Even bigger than the 108MP sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The upcoming S23 series is expected to nearly double that. 

The main camera on the upcoming Galaxy S23 series will reportedly have a 200MP sensor. Last year, Samsung developed the ISOCELL HP1 sensor, a completely new generation of imaging sensors which was used to create the first 200MP smartphone camera sensor. The ISOCELL HP3, the third update to the HP1 sensor, will be the full version of the sensor which will be released to the public. 


The ISOCELL HP3 is an improved version of the HP1, though in what ways is unclear. In comparison, the HP1 can record 8K and 4K videos and includes features such as advanced HDR and Double Super Phase Detection autofocus.

The HP3 sensor uses 4×4 hybrid pixel-binning technology to combine 16 adjacent pixels into a single giant pixel, that could result in a bright and detailed 12.5MP image. This means that the photos could be extremely sharp, even sharper than what we see in a smartphone today. Because of the high megapixel count, the digital zoom capabilities could also be incredible.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Rear Camera Setup

Now the hardware details are withheld as there’s still time till Galaxy S23’s release date. The Galaxy fans are anticipating an Unpacked event for its future flagship early next year. So, at least for the time being, it’s too early to predict anything. 

Surprisingly, Samsung will not be the first smartphone manufacturer to offer a 200MP camera. According to leaks and rumours, the upcoming Motorola Frontier will use the 200MP version of the ISOCELL HP1, which will be released later this year but before Samsung’s Galaxy S23 lineup.


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