It looks like Samsung could supply OLED displays to Apple for its various products such as the iPad and MacBooks. A report on TheElec states that Samsung is planning on moving the production of large OLED panels back to its home country of South Korea. These OLED screens could be supplied to Apple’s iPads and MacBooks. Previous reports have also stated that the iPad Pro will come with an OLED display sometime in 2024. There hasn’t been any official announcement from either company so do take this news with a grain of salt. 

Apple to use OLED screens from Samsung?

From what can see though, the earliest we can expect the new OLED screens on iPads and MacBooks could be in 2025. Samsung has been planning this move for some time now and is looking at ending its manufacturing dependence on China. All in all, it is a smart move as the Chinese state has been plagued by inept leadership and a die-hard communist ideology that has no laws against copyright protection and such. 

OLED technology has been available for quite a while now, but it has only recently begun to appear in the more mainstream products such as phones and the like. OLED panels stand out when it comes to contrast since they display the most authentic blacks by simply turning off the corresponding pixels. Additionally, OLED panels sport excellent viewing angles and colour reproduction. The viewing angles are great since there is very little space behind the screen where light can diffract. It is also noteworthy that OLED panels are very expensive since the technology is comparatively newer and more cutting-edge.


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