Apple’s mixed-reality headset could offer an effortless switch between virtual reality and augmented reality modes, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo proposes, with it potentially becoming one of the headset’s key selling points.

48859 95495 48488 94628 51799684414 2a2bfff86a o(1) xlThe long-rumored Apple AR and VR headset has repeatedly been referred to as a mixed-reality device, one that would be equally at home providing VR and AR content to the user. This dual capability could be a key way for Apple to storm into the marketplace.Tweeted on Sunday by TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it is reasoned that it is generally known what an AR experience is like, and how VR works. “But for most people, it’s hard to imagine what kind of innovative experience the smooth switching between AR and VR can provide,” offers Kuo.

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