The new Sonnet McFiver brings internal SSD storage, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 10Gbps USB-C, and two SSD slots for high-speed storage in a single PCIe card for the Mac Pro or any Mac with an PCI-E enclosure.

48608 94904 000 lead SonnetSonnet has long provided systems with PCIe slots, and computer adapter cards, but now the new McFiver offers five interfaces in a single full-height PCIe card that requires no external power.”For most creators, the ability to move files quickly — whether to or from onboard storage, across a network, or to or from external drives — can be critical to their workflows,” says the company in a statement. “While individual adapter cards may offer the capability to speed up one part of the workflow, installing three adapter cards to get all the interfaces a user needs may not be feasible, even in computers with multiple expansion card slots.”

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