The Sony Playstation 5 recently went on sale on May 16, 2022, but a lot of people were easily able to purchase the gaming console without any major issues. Ever since its launch, the current-gen gaming consoles – the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, have remained out of stock. Online scalping and chip shortage remain two main reasons why the PS5 remains out of stock. The same is also the situation with the Xbox Series X too but its smaller version, the Series S, remains in stock more often than not. 

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Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are in the second year of their life cycle. At this time, these consoles should have been readily available in physical shops around the world. But due to the global chip crisis, stock issues remain persistent. Another bit of bleak news came from Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger who warned that the chip shortage could stretch into 2024. But he did say that Intel is ready to face these upcoming challenges. 

Despite a bleak outlook, the recent PS5 India restock was a relatively great success. It was the second consecutive PS5 India restock that Sony conducted in a span of two months. And while the last PS5 India restock was seemingly a disaster due to very few units available, the latest one easily gave buyers a fair chance to nab a brand new PS5 for themselves, as per the Twitter handle @ICGOriginal. The handle publishes information regarding the restocking of next-gen consoles and related accessories, helping users to buy them at MSRP or at a discount if possible. 

PS5 India Stock Improves Giving Hope For The Future

In a recent poll to their viewers, it came to light that around 25% of the page followers were successful in securing a PS5 for themselves. Around 20% had no success, and around 34% of the audience already has a PS5. In the comment section of the Tweet, a lot of people were also sharing news of how they were successful in buying a PS5 at MSRP. 
According to another poll, Amazon came out on top with 41% votes as the platform for enabling most users to buy a PS5. Meanwhile, Sony was in second place with a 29% share, Meanwhile, Flipkart and Reliance digital were in the third stage place with 20% votes. Croma Vijay sales were last with 10% votes. Sony had a lot of stock this time, it is confirmed by the fact that despite re-sellers scoring a good number of units for themselves as revealed via an unofficial reseller group, a lot of retail buyers were also able to secure one for themselves. 

Chip shortage or not, the PS5 restock situation is improving dramatically. The Xbox Series X restock situation is objectively bad. The Xbox brand has no official presence on Twitter hence users get no official announcement. Xbox Series X stock usually drops in limited quantities and on random days, which some fans see as a disheartened effort from Microsoft to appeal to the Indian gamer. The PlayStation brand has always had a strong presence in India and with the way this console generation seems to be progressing, things are likely to remain the same.


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