WhatsApp is going to get loaded with a bunch of features that you might find very useful. If you have ever sent a WhatsApp message but the very next moment found a mistake and wish the app had an edit option for already sent messages, then soon you will have that. On the other hand, if you deleted a message (accidentally or otherwise), but wanted to undo that, you may be able to do that too before long. Another nifty WhatsApp feature to have would be a filter option for unread messages. Well, well, well, the Meta brand is bringing that too. 

So, let’s have a better look at all things WhatsApp is bringing sooner or later.

Top Upcoming WhatsApp Features in 2022

WhatsApp View Group Poll Results

1. View Group Poll Results: As per WABetaInfo, the instant messaging app is not only bringing group polls feature but also the option to view the results. The top option will be highlighted. The number and percentage of votes are also marked, but not who voted what. 

WhatsApp Undo Message Deletion

2. Undo Message Deletion: Again from the same source, and this one shows a snackbar at the bottom with an Undo button, clicking which retrieves the message or simply undoes the deletion action of yours. 

WhatsApp Unread Chat Filter

3. Unread Chat Filter: In the latest WhatsApp Desktop Beta, there is a new unread chat filter button next to the chat search bar. Click on it to view just the unread messages and once you are done, click on the button again to return to the normal view.

That’s all. Now, all these features are spotted either in WhatsApp beta versions or are in the early stages of development. So, it may take some time before we get to see these features in the stable release of WhatsApp.   

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