Someone sensible at Facebook’s parent company Meta must’ve thought there aren’t enough hours in the day to chat beyond Messenger and WhatsApp to finally decide to pull the plug on Tuned, Meta’s social messaging app exclusively aimed for couples.

Why the Tuned app needed to exist is anyone’s guess, but its eventual demise doesn’t come as any surprise whatsoever. 

Why Meta’s Tuned app is shutting down


The Tuned couple-focused messaging app is discontinuing its services later this year because ‘it’s not sticking,’ according to Meta’s New Product Experimentation Team who developed it in the first place.

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The social media giant hasn’t pointed to any stats or figures to justify the reason behind shutting down the Tuned couples messaging app – just that it isn’t sticking or picking up traction, as much as Meta executives thought it would. 

In fact, Jessyka Faison, a New Product Experimentation (NPE) spokesperson was quoted in a statement, “In the spirit of experimentation and similarly to previous apps, we try a lot of things, learn, and if our tests aren’t sticking, shut it down.”

What happens to Tuned app’s user data


Tuned app was launched in the early days of the pandemic in 2020, aimed at keeping couples in touch with each other. It had messaging features, quizzes, voice messages, notes and lists, shared music through Spotify, and other interactive and intimate features that would help couples do more online.

The Tuned app even had a ‘check-in’ feature designed to ping couples about their relationship status, too. But it wasn’t to be, as seemingly Tuned app was unable to break through the pandemic years and increase its popularity enough for it to be worth Meta’s while.

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According to The Verge, users of Meta’s Tuned app have received a warning which urges them to download all their in-app data before September 19, when the Tuned app will discontinue all services and cease to exist.

Have you ever used the Tuned app by Meta during the pandemic? Are you going to miss it when the couple-focused app finally shuts down all its services later in September 2022? Let us know in the comments below, and for more technology news and reviews, keep reading Digit.in.


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