Twitter on Thursday announced that it has started testing its new CoTweets feature that would allow users to share credits for a Tweet. Twitter made the announcement via a Tweet that it put up on the Twitter Create (@TwitterCreate) account.

The microblogging platform has been on a spree of announcing updates to its services. Last week, Twitter announced that the ‘Custom Navigation’ feature, which comes as part of its Twitter Blue subscription, would be available for Android users. Before the announcement, the feature was only available for iOS users.

Share the spotlight and engage with new audiences.

Select accounts in the US, Canada, and Korea can now send invites to CoTweet! This experiment will run for a limited time.

— Twitter Create (@TwitterCreate) July 7, 2022

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In the announcement Tweet, the company expanded on the potential use of this feature, saying that it can be effective in connecting with new audiences. Instagram also has a similar feature on its platform. The’ collab’ feature allows users to share credits and get the content to appear on the Instagram page of both parties. And, given what we know about this feature, it seems like Twitter has taken a page off Instagram’s book.

The collab feature on Instagram is taking off well and is being used by creators across the platform. 

Before going ahead and using the CoTweet feature, make sure to read the FAQs published by Twitter regarding this. The tweet published by the Twitter Create handle mentioned that this test is a limited-time experiment. However, when we went to the FAQs page, we found that if you are creating a Tweet using this feature, it may get removed from the platform after the testing ends. So, tread carefully.

The testing of this feature is also limited to certain regions, which has also been the case with a host of other feature tests that Twitter has conducted in the past. In this case, the CoTweet feature has been made available only for users in Canada, Korea, and the US.
As the test goes underway, with users in the selected region taking it to the platform to create a plethora of Tweets, it will be interesting to see which direction Twitter take with this feature. Twitter has been innovating and trying its best to bring new features to the platform. Now, with the leadership switch on the horizon, the journey ahead will be worth following!

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