WhatsApp finally has a premium subscription tier, but it is meant for businesses. Differently put, it will be part of the WhatsApp for Business platform. It will bring exclusive features like custom URLs and more number of linked devices, that business users of the platform can experience after paying a fee. We will see what the company has to say about the WhatsApp premium fee. But also learn what WhatsApp Cloud API is. At its inaugural business messaging event called Conversations, Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg announced Cloud API.

Let’s break it down one by one.

Best WhatsApp premium features that we know so far

Top WhatsApp Premium features

Below are the features of the WhatsApp for Business premium tier and as you would’ve guessed, they were first spotted by prolific WhatsApp leaker, WABetaInfo.

WhatsApp Multi-Device for Business

This feature lets businesses link up to 10 other devices to their WhatsApp account. This would be convenient for businesses with big social media teams as it gives them more avenues to access the business messages and connect with customers.

WhatsApp Vanity URL

Vanity URL is simply a custom link that you can generate and even change every 90 days. You can share this “professional-looking” link so that customers can get in touch with you through an easy-to-remember link. These are different from the prevailing short links available to businesses as here you get to choose a unique link text (like a username, but not exactly). The link text has to be available too.

What is WhatsApp Cloud API?






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Cloud API allows companies to better integrate their online shopfront with WhatsApp servers and host the businesses online on Meta servers and take them anywhere. The companies can customize the customer-facing experience, tools, and services, while the weightlifting behind the scenes will be managed by WhatsApp/Meta. Interested businesses can register for Cloud API here or work with WhatsApp Business Solution Providers.

WhatsApp Cloud API setup

WhatsApp Cloud API setup process

Announcing the feature, Meta said, “With this new API, we’re offering free, secure cloud hosting services so businesses and developers can easily access our service within minutes, build directly on top of WhatsApp to customize their experience and increase their response time for their customers.” 

That’s all we know for now. 

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