WhatsApp users woke up to an enticing new offer from the Meta brand. This is a cashback deal wherein you will receive up to ₹105 credited to your bank account for using the WhatsApp Payments. All you need to do is send money to people in your WhatsApp contacts. Follow the steps below to know how it works. It’s a limited-time offer. So, you better hasten if you don’t want to miss out on free money.

How to get the WhatsApp UPI Cashback Offer Of Up To Rs. 105

WhatsApp Payments Cashback

1. Open the WhatsApp app and you will see a banner at the top of the main conversation screen. It seems to be working on the latest version of regular WhatsApp (stable version). It wasn’t appearing on our WhatsApp Business app.

2. After accepting to get started, you will be prompted to select your bank. From the list of bank names, choose the one you would like to use for the WhatsApp UPI service.

3. Then you will have to verify your number. When you click on Verify, you will be asked to send an SMS to the selected bank in order to validate your number is registered with that particular bank account.   

4. Once the verification process is done and your related bank accounts are connected to WhatsApp UPI, you should be able to send and receive money using WhatsApp Pay UPI.  Ensure you are on a stable internet connection and the SIM is properly inserted in the phone for everything to work as intended.

WhatsApp Pay Cashback

5. If the WhatsApp UPI setup is done properly and functioning, you can send an amount as low as ₹1 and get a credit of ₹35 per successful transaction. Do it thrice to three different contacts, and gain up to a total of ₹105. As for the sending process, it’s as simple as going to a contact chat window, tapping on the Rupee icon at the bottom bar and select the receiver. If the other person is already registered with the service, you can send money straight away, or else you can invite them. You can also access the Payments option from the 3-dot menu on the top bar of WhatsApp Android app or from the Settings in WhatsApp for iOS app.

Note that if you send money to the same contact, again and again, you won’t get the cashback each subsequent time. So, it is one cashback reward per contact. 

The WhatsApp cashback promotion is being rolled out to select users only. It will show up to different users at different times. So, watch out! You’ll know if you are eligible if you see a gift icon while sending money to an eligible recipient. You can read more about your eligibility here. 

Let’s see if Meta manages to attract more customers to its WhatsApp Pay platform through this cashback program.

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