Some good news has come for the users of WhatsApp, as there have been confirmed reports that a new chat backup export feature is in the works. The “Export backup” feature will let users export their WhatsApp chat backups from Google Drive.
There were bits and pieces of news doing rounds about this feature for quite some time. There was news about Google planning to stop offering unlimited storage for chat backups, which further fueled the fires. Now, with this feature being reported to be coming to the app soon, it looks like the regular users of the app will not have to wait for long before they can get their hands on it. 

WhatsApp Chat Export Backup – Boon for platform migrators

As per the claims of WABetaInfo, the backup will include complete chat history, messages, images, videos, and other related media files that were exchanged during the conversation. This option would be available inside the Chat backup menu, as shown in the screenshots posted online. They also added that another feature that would allow users to import the same backup onto Google Drive is also in development.

(Source: WABetaInfo)

Multiple possibilities could be the motivating factors for this development. However, the most reasonable one seems to be related to the limitations that could be imposed on Drive uploads. The other could allow cross-platform chat and messaging data migration. There is no direct way at the moment for users to transfer their chats and related data to iOS devices when migrating to the platform from Android. The same is the case when moving the other way around. This has been a pain for many platform migrators. So, it might be that the developers of WhatsApp have finally taken note of this problem and are working towards solving it.
Given that things are still in the development phase, it would be interesting to see the final form this feature takes when included in a regular release of WhatsApp. For more tech news and Top 10 gadget updates, keep reading Digit.in.


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