Microsoft is all set to release Windows 11 Insider Preview build 25136 to the Dev Channel. And it comes with new features, most notably, that it comes with tabs in the File Explorer. This is a new feature which was leaked in a previous build and later on was announced by Microsoft. This is finally going live and was announced by a blog post of Microsoft itself. 

The feature requires a new build of Microsoft 11, and this won’t be available in this year’s 22H2 update. Possibly, it could come as an experience pack or one of the many ways Microsoft delivers Windows features these days. 

Windows 11 build 25136 new features.

There is also new navigation, which you can find on the left panel of the file explorer. Known folders have been split out from the ThisPC section and into their own. Also, the known folders that are backed up to one drive will display the correct path. 

Another feature which they have added is the new Widget functionality. As seen in the bottom left corner of the picture shown above, it is showing information regarding the Finance widget. Currently, that space is reserved for the weather information, so in the new build, it is going to show information from other widgets, for example, Finance and Sports. However, the blog post didn’t mention anything about being able to customize what appears there. 

The new updates aren’t available for everyone. As Microsoft only gives away the new features to a lucky few. 


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