Man murdered after girlfriend used AirTag to investigate cheating

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A woman has been charged with murder for repeatedly running over a man in Indianapolis over claims of infidelity, apparently discovered by tracking his car using AirTag. Andre Smith was hit multiple times by a car outside Tilly’s Pub in Indianapolis on Friday, with emergency services discovering him under the vehicle. The 26-year-old was pronounced […]

Crypto 101: The difference between hot and cold wallets

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There are different kinds of cryptocurrency wallets, and the four terms to keep in mind when purchasing one are hot, cold, custodial, and non-custodial. Here’s what they all mean. Bitcoin transfer on iPhone A cryptocurrency wallet is an app or device used to access cryptocurrency coins and tokens. Unlike a traditional wallet, a crypto wallet […]

How to video capture your screen in macOS Monterey

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Whether it’s for a YouTube video, or just to show a family member which buttons to click, macOS Monterey includes ways to record your Mac’s screen. The Mac’s built-in controls can record your screen for you If the job were just to capture your screen in such a way that it’s useful to someone else, […]

How to let sites use pop-up windows in Safari in macOS Monterey

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Not all pop-up windows are evil spam, some of them remain genuinely useful. Here’s how to get Safari on macOS Monterey to show you the ones you actually want, while still shielding you from all of the rest. Safari for Mac It is still the case that there are websites that use pop-up windows like […]

Apple's iOS 15 is now installed on 85% of active iPhones

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As Apple prepares to announce iOS 16, the current iOS 15 is reportedly now on around 85% of all active iPhones, although figures are unusually fluctuating. Apple’s iOS 15 did not get off to as quick a start as the previous iOS 14, and by October 2021, it was still lagging behind. Now new figures […]

EU about to finalize law that would require Apple to use USB-C on iPhones

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Europe’s ongoing debate and litigation over making USB-C the required standard charging port for all smartphones may be finalized on June 7, 2022. The EU has previously been reported to be nearing agreement, following its proposals evolving for more than a decade. Now the final decision may be made as soon as June 6, 2022.According […]

Atlanta store union vote is postponed not cancelled, says organizers

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Decrying Apple’s alleged intimidation tactics at the Cumberland, Atlanta store, AppleTogether organizers deny that the union vote was cancelled. Apple Cumberland Mall It was previously reported that workers at the Apple Cumberland store in Atlanta had dropped their plans to hold a vote over joining a union. That report said that the request for a […]

Apple's M1 Max 14-inch MacBook Pro with 64GB RAM is in stock, $200 off

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Apple’s hard-to-find 14-inch MacBook Pro with the powerful M1 Max chip is back in stock when configured with 64GB of memory and a 1TB SSD. And you won’t have to wait 10 weeks for delivery, as a limited amount of units are $200 off and shipping now. AppleCare is also $60 off. Apple’s rare M1 […]