There's a hack to add CarPlay support to a Tesla

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Tesla owners who want CarPlay running on their car’s screens can now do so, as the developer behind a hack for the car’s infotainment system has released code for his project. In January, Polish developer Michal Gapinski revealed he had come up with a way to use CarPlay on his Tesla. While CarPlay isn’t usually […]

Jony Ive reveals his 12 favorite design tools

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As part of being guest editor on a UK magazine, ex-Apple design chief Jony Ive has detailed the dozen tools he finds indispensable, from a vintage leather pencil case, to $5,645 record player tonearm. Jony Ive Jony Ive is the guest editor on a special issue of “How to Spend It” magazine, part of the […]

Vivo X80 series is launching in India on May 18, 2022: Heres what to expect


Vivo India has started teasing the launch date of the Vivo X80 series, slated for May 18. There is a countdown timer on the company’s website with the “coming soon” intimation. This was something first spotted by tipster Abhishek Yadav a few days back. But then, the teaser page wasn’t accessible to all. Well, it is […]

Monoprice 28-inch CrystalPro 4K monitor review: low-priced but hurt by cheap build

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The Monoprice 28-inch CrystalPro 4K monitor looks like a competitive budget monitor on paper, but audible coil noise and poor design ruin its potential. The Monoprice 28-inch CrystalPro monitor The monitor market is more competitive than ever, so companies have to compete with design, quality of life implements, and unique features to stand out. The […]

Parent angry Apple didn't stop 10-year-old's $2,500 TikTok spree

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A parent has complained about Apple’s refusal to refund 23 successive in-app purchases made by his 10-year-old daughter, who was convinced to pay money to a TikTok creator. Apple has repeatedly been the target of criticism from parents after children made high-priced purchases on iPhones and iPads without parental permission. In the latest story, it […]

How to use Shared with You on iOS 15

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The new Shared with You feature in iOS 15 is a time saver, and a convenience, but only when you know what it sets out to do. When someone shares a link to a site, music, TV show or more, it now appears in the app that can play it Shared with You is touted […]

BMW temporarily ships cars without Apple CarPlay

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Buyers of new BMW vehicles may not be able to enjoy using CarPlay at first, with the global chip crisis forcing the car producer to change its electronics, but an update will re-enable support by June. The global chip shortage is causing problems in many different areas, with the automotive industry one of the biggest […]