Smart water bottles may be useful for some, but most can skip them

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A smart water bottle can help you track how much water you consume on a daily basis, and nudge you to drink more if you’re lacking. However, they’re not a necessity for most consumers. Credit: Hidrate There are several good reasons why you might want to invest in a smart water bottle, but there are […]

Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, lose million music subscribers in UK

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A new report claims that over one million UK subscribers have cancelled their streaming services such as Apple Music in Q1 2022, citing a need to save money. Apple Music Kantar Research also notes that there is a decline in the number of young people with music streaming subscriptions in the UK. Read more… Source […]

How Setapp's app service is building value for developers and users

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MacPaw’s Setapp treats its developers well. In turn, that generates more software for the service as additional developers sign on — and that’s good for users. Here’s how Setapp works for everyone. Setapp logo For users, Setapp is like a huge storefront where they’ve already bought every app. Whether it’s an app they’ll use every […]

Apple is the world's most valuable brand, says yet another spurious report

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Kantar claims that Apple has grown its nebulous brand value by 55% to top its chart of the 100 most valuable brands in the world. If it’s dubious how a dollar value can be ascribed to a brand, that doesn’t stop many companies trying. Recently, Apple topped the annual Brand Finance Global 500 rankings, although […]

TSMC announces 2nm chip production will start by 2025

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Apple Silicon manufacturer TSMC has publicly committed to producing advanced 2 nanometer processors by 2025. Even as Apple begins moving to using the company’s 3nm chips, TSMC has been planning a new production process for 2nm ones. In 2021, it got approval to build a new facility specifically for the process, and it had been […]

Maryland Apple Store first to vote in favor of unionization

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In a clear majority, employees at the Towson Town Center, Maryland Apple Store have voted to form a union, and the ball is now in Apple’s court. Apple Towson Town Center, Maryland The vote was 65 employees in favor, and 33 against unionization. This is in line with expectations, and will give the employees a […]

TikTok staff in China allegedly accessed U.S. user data

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TikTok allowed U.S. user data to be seen by staff in China, a report claims, despite testimony to an October Senate hearing insisting it has tough controls preventing access to the data in the territory. The ByteDance-owned TikTok has always been the subject of privacy concern, with critics often fearing that data about U.S. users […]

Apple 35W Dual USB-C power adapters available to order

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There are two new 35W Dual USB-C power adapters made by Apple and they are both available to purchase for $59 on Apple’s website. Apple’s two 35W dual USB-C power adapters When Apple announced the M2 MacBook Air during WWDC it also revealed two new power adapters. There is a compact adapter and a standard […]