WhatsApp Rival Telegram Has Gone Premium: Take A Look At The New Features


Popular instant-messaging app and WhatsApp rival Telegram have now gone Premium. With the premium model, Telegram is set to offer several features in exchange for a subscription cost per month. The premium version of Telegram has already dropped on iOS and Android platforms. iOS update version 8.8 has accompanied the Telegram update, while Android has also […]

Everything you need to start making videos on Mac in 2022

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Right out of the box, the Mac can be a film studio that lets you shoot videos and edit them. Here’s what to start with, and what you’ll want to add next. We’re not saying you’ll wow the crowds at your local multiplex IMAX screen with movie you actually filmed using your Mac mini’s webcam. […]

Next-Gen Apple Watches Could Track Symptoms Of Parkinsons Disease


The FDA has approved software to help affected individuals track their symptoms of Parkinson’s disease using their Apple Watch, according to the corporation behind the tool. It automatically tracks tremors and allows patients to report symptoms and medication usage by using the Apple Watch. StrivePD was developed by the neurology firm Rune Labs. It allows […]

New Adobe Premiere Pro update brings video encoding improvements to Apple Silicon

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A June 2022 update to Premiere Pro brings proxy workflow and graphics improvements to both the Mac and PC apps. Issued on Tuesday, the update to Adobe’s Premiere Pro is cross-platform, and couples new features with improvements to existing ones.Proxy Badges help differentiate the source and proxy media files, as well as the option to […]

How Apple And Google Aim To Make Your Smartphone More Personal


The one common important theme between this year’s Apple’s WWDC and Google I/O, was how to make your smartphone more personal. The new mobile software updates iOS 16 and Android 13, from Apple and Google which is coming later this year has new ways to make your phone the central part of your life. If […]

Xiaomi Book S 124 Windows 11 Tablet Powered By Arm Has Launched Globally


Xiaomi Book S 12.4 is the new Xiaomi tablet on the market but what’s special about this is that it’s a Windows tablet. So, it’s different from Xiaomi’s Pad 5 which runs on Android. But it is also similar to Pad 5 in the sense that both of them are Arm-powered. The Book S 12.4 […]

Apple's mystery internal network adapter probably isn't for public use

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More images of a mystery Apple network adapter have surfaced in regulatory filings, with the unknown hardware appearing not to be a device to be sold to the public at all. In May, FCC filings revealed Apple had created a “Network Adapter,” with an unusual set of specifications. In new images, it seems that the […]